Product Description

500 seeds
(Cortaderia selloana)
Pampas grass originates from South America.  It is known for its spectacular landscape presence reaching up to 6 feet tall with large white plumes that reach up to 10 feet at maturity.  The plumes are popular for drying for floral displays.  Pampas is easily adaptable once established in zones 6 and higher.  You may want to mulch heavy around the base in zone 6 until established.  It's easy to grow from seed as it grows like typical lawn seed.
Full Sun 
Perennial in ZONES 6-10

To start indoors:  Start your seeds 4-6 weeks before the last frost date in your area.

· Use a good seed starting medium such as Jiffy Mix. Fill seed flat with soil. Pre-moisten the soil and scatter the seeds lightly and evenly over the surface.

· Using a fork or small comb rake the soil surface over lightly to gently mix the seeds into the soil. Try not to press down too hard, but light enough that the seeds are covered with approx. 1/16” of soil.  Gently tamp them into soil.

· Place seeds in a sunny location and keep moist using a fine misting spray until germination.

If you prefer to start these seeds outdoors be sure to protect them from rain and critters.  Birds and other critters love to munch on grass seed.