ROSEMARY HERB (Rosmarinus officinalis)


Product Description

(Rosmarinus officinalis) 
(100 seeds)
Aromatic evergreen herb. Uses include flavoring for meats and soups, adds zest to grilled steak, burgers, chicken, pork ribs by tossing leaves over hot charcoal. Average plant height 2-4 feet tall. Can be trained into a large perennial shrub in mild climates. 
Can be grown indoors in a container on a sunny window.
Germination is slow and erratic

To start indoors:  Start your seeds 4-6 weeks before the last frost date in your area.

· Freeze seeds for 3 to 5 days before sowing.

· Use a good seed starting medium such as Jiffy Mix. Fill seed flat with soil. Pre-moisten the soil and gently tamps seeds down to about 1/16th inch deep.

· Place seeds in a sunny location and keep moist using a fine misting spray until germination.

· Transplant outdoors after all danger of frost has passed.  In colder climates mulch heavy in winter or they can be brought indoors over winter.

· Germination for Rosemary can be slow and sporadic so be patient with them allow them to thrive in their time.