Product Description

Ships in the fall

5 Bulbs
Jumbo Size


A lesser thought of fall planting bulb that brings great impact in the spring.

Such a great display of light to darker shades of pink that will last throughout the spring.  Each bulb produces masses of color.

Hardiness zones are 8-11 so the lower zones should plant in pots in February and keep in cooler temperatures in south or west facing windows or under grow lights until early spring. Very similar to dahlias, harden off by keeping outside during the day and indoors at night until all danger of frost has passed.  You can then plant outdoors and dig up in the fall for replanting the following year.  

Each jumbo bulb will produce up to 35 flowers for a brilliant display.

Prefers full sun with well drained soil.

Blooms are 3 to 6 inch across on 12 to 18 inch stems.

Grow in containers or direct in ground.

Great for cut flower arrangements.