Product Description

30 seeds
(Piper nigrum)
Piper nigrum is a tropical vining plant that grows to 12 feet and is native to India. It grows in tropical climates but can be easily grown in containers anywhere.  The green, white and black peppercorns all come from the same plant but harvested at different stages.  The plant will grow green peppercorns that then become black followed by a red peppercorn. The red outer haul is peeled away to find the white peppercorn, which is a milder tasting pepper.
Perennial Woody Vine
Filtered to Partial Sun

Seed Germination:

To start indoors:  Start your seeds 6-8 weeks before the last frost date in your area.

· These seeds need at least 50% humidity, warmth and to be kept moist so plan to grow in a flat with a clear cover for best results.

· Use a good seed starting medium such as Jiffy Mix.  Fill seed flat with soil.  Pre-moisten soil. Plant seeds about 1/2” deep.

· Cover with lid and place in a warm, sunny location. 

· Keep seeds moist.  DO NOT allow seeds to dry out.

· Seeds germinate in about 30-45 days. 

· Transplant to containers and place outdoors after all danger of frost has passed.  Peppercorn plants cannot handle temperatures below 40 degrees.

· Fertilize weekly with a 10-10-10 quality fertilizer, excluding winter months.