FLANDER'S RED POPPY (Papaver rhoeas)


Product Description

(Papaver rhoeas)
(3000 seeds)
a.k.a. Red Corn or Field Poppy - Candy apple red flowers with black centers. Popular variety found along many roadsides in the US. Average height 8-36". 
Annual ZONES 3-8
Full to Partial Sun

Seed Germination:

Southern regions should start poppies in the fall. Northern regions should start their poppies in late spring.

These plants do not transplant well so we strongly suggest starting outdoors when it's best for your growing region.

· Prepare the area by removing any debris and gently rake to loosen the soil.

· Pre-moisten the soil then sprinkle your seeds across the soil and gentle tamp down into soil.  Keep seeds moist until germination begins.

To start indoors 4-6 weeks before last frost date:

· Use a quality seed starting mix such as Jiffy mix. Pre-moisten soil and scatter seeds. 

· Gently tamp seeds into soil.  Keep moist until ready to transplant outdoors. Place in a warm, sunny location.