Product Description

20 seeds


(Capsicum frutescens)

 Also known as African Devil Pepper 
These are very HOT small peppers in the same family as the Tabasco pepper with a Scoville Heat Unit rating of 100,000 - 225-000.  These hotties are used in curry recipes as well as sauces and vinegars.
These are often confused with the small round Bird's Eye peppers known as chiltepin.  The Chiltepin is classified as  Capsicum annuum var. glabriusculum whereas these are Capsicum frutescens.
Full Sun 
Annual ZONES 3-9
Perennial in ZONES 10-11

To start indoors:  Start your seeds 4-6 weeks before the last frost date in your area.

· Use a good seed starting medium such as Jiffy Mix. Fill seed flat with soil. Pre-moisten the soil and plant seeds about 1/8” deep.

· Place seeds in a sunny location and keep moist using a fine misting spray until germination.

· Seeds can take several weeks to germinate. 

· Plant seedlings outside after all danger of frost in a sunny location. Plants will do well in average to rich soil.

· Keep soil fairly moist and fertilize once every week with a plant food mix such as Miracle Gro Plant Food (the blue stuff).

· If you decide to grow your peppers in containers, it is important that you water them at least every other day.  Although they grow very easily in containers, they dry out very easily as well.