Seed Trading

As gardening and horticulture enthusiasts, we are dedicated to the preservation and distribution of high-quality, healthy seeds. Hoping to share research, advice, news and seeds themselves, our mission is to allow gardeners and seed growers of all types to enjoy an open forum where your passion and enthusiasm are encouraged.

Cultivating our own seed traders group was the brainchild of our founders in an effort to share all seed-related information with each other; allowing us to all learn and become better, in everything from organic germination techniques to complying with local food and plant distribution laws and regulations.

Because we believe that every plant that grows has both a direct and indirect effect on every single person on this planet, we feel a duty to protect and encourage the seed, seedling and plant at its every stage. We believe that our seed traders group can foster that responsibility.

Join us in our mission to extend helpful information through networking by allowing us to add you to our seed traders forum. We’re proud to act as partners with any gardening enthusiast whose passions are the same as ours.

We'd be happy to help facilitate the trade of seeds you have for seeds you're looking for. Please use our contact form to let us know how we can help you.