Germination Tips

An advantage of buying Mountain Meadow Seeds is that we've spent years growing the very plants we're selling. Through the years, we've collected a few tips about growing from seed that we'd like to share to help you avoid common problems.
  • Start seeds in flats or jiffy pots using a fine, potting or seed-starting soil mix. Don’t use a growing medium that has wood pulp or mulch materials that could interfere with the germination process.

  • Pre-moisten the soil in order to help keep the seeds at the right depth for proper germination. Dry soil allows the water to push your seeds deeper into the soil, making germination difficult.

  • Plant seeds as instructed. Unless the type of plant requires deeper planting, place your seeds at about 1/16” to ⅛” deep.
  • Check the instructions. Of course, different plants have different sunlight and water needs as do their seeds. Make sure to read and adhere to all instructions during both the germination and growing processes for best results.
  • Keep the seed pots warm. Maintain a steady nighttime temperature of 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, while keeping them slightly warmer during the day. A heating pad set on low and kept under your seed containers will help if the room temperature dips below the recommended levels at night.
  • Check for hard-packed or crusty soil. If the top layer becomes hard to the touch, gently till it to avoid slow or restricted germination.

If you have any other questions regarding germination or need additional information, feel free to call or contact us. We promise a prompt, friendly response.