Custom Plants

Helping to establish your garden quicker, we are proud to now offer custom-grown plants to any of our valued customers. Grown on-site, each plant is grown specifically for you, to your order specifications. This process allows you to effectively skip the intensive germination process, while still enjoying the (literal) fruits of your labor.

For those garden enthusiasts that are either intimidated by starting from seed, or simply don’t have the time or climate to properly cultivate their plants through the vulnerable seedling stage, our custom-grown plants can be the perfect solution.

Available in a diverse array of plant variations, each live plant is delivered with a limited guarantee. Sturdy and high-quality, most plants will be about six to 12 inches in height, depending on the type and breed. Because of growing factors and their unpredictability, we unfortunately cannot offer guaranteed delivery dates.

From popular food choices to plants that are more rare and exotic in nature, just let us know what type of plant or flower you are hoping to add to your garden and we’ll do what we can.

Please use our contact form to let us know what type of plant you're interested in. We'll contact you about the details of your custom order.