FORTNIGHT LILY (Dietes irisoides)


Product Description

50 seeds

Beautiful blooms grow on plants with long narrow evergreen leaves.  Plant grows two to three feet tall in a clumping habit. Plants tend to bloom in two week intervals giving it its name, Fortnight lily.  Break off spent blooms to encourage more growth.

Grows as a perennial in zones 8-11. In lower zones dig up rhizomes in fall and store in peat moss in a cool dry place such as the garage. Can also be grown in containers.

Prefers Full Sun but will grow in Part Sun as well.


Seed Germination:

Seeds should be kept in a cool place until ready to germinate.  The coating of these seeds is very hard so scarification is necessary.  Scratch with sandpaper to break through the coating or scrape with a sharp knife.  You can also soak seeds in warm water for a day or two to help speed up the germination process. 

  • Start seeds 6-8 weeks before the last frost in your area.
  • Using a quality seed starting mix, pre-moisten soil and plant seeds 1/4 inch deep.
  • Keep seeds moist (not saturated) and warm at or above 68 degrees until germination begins.
  • These seeds germinate erratically so you will see some with a couple of weeks and others will take longer. Patience will be the key.