Product Description

A collection of some of our favorite flowering vines.
Includes one pack of each:
Blue Crown Passion Flower Vine - 
The name 'passion flower' is said to derive from a resemblance of the passion vine's flower to the crown of thorns placed on Christ's head. Others say that the parts of the plant symbolize features of Crucifixion, known as The Passion of Christ.
This variety produces beautiful blue and white flowers and attractive foliage.  Can be grown in containers and kept indoors over winter in colder climates. 
Black-eyed Susan Vine (Thunbergia)
Also known as "Clock Vine", these tender vines are native to tropical Africa, South Africa, tropical Asia and India. The ovate to triangular leaves grow up to 4 inches long. This variety produces golden-yellow sometimes orange flowers with a brownish-purple eye. Grow on a fence or in a large pot or hanging basket.
Heavenly Blue Morning Glory
The deepest blue flowers of any morning glory we have grown and our favorite climber! Each flower is about 4-6" wide and opens in the early morning hours and last until the hot noon time sun hits the blooms. Grows up to 10-12' feet. 
Sweet Pea Vine
Fragrant blooms in a mix of bright colors including red, pink, blue, violet, white and coral.  Very easy to grow from seed and grows great in containers.  Butterflies and hummingbirds love these blooms!! It will continue to bloom throughout the summer months for a season long enjoyment of fragrance.
White Moonflower Vine
Blooms at night and closes in the late morning when the sun rises to its warmest time of day. Produces large white flowers swirling slowly open up to 8" wide. Flowers emanate a powerfully sweet fragrance which makes this one of the most desirable vines to grow. The vine is smooth and thorn-less reaching an average height of 10 feet or more depending on the structure.