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30 seeds

Grow Your Own Coffee!!

Coffea arabica nana plants make an excellent house plant as they are a dwarf version of the Coffea Arabica plant. Average height for these is only to about 2 feet tall.  

If you live in a region that doesn't have frost conditions you can grow outdoors. All other regions can keep them outdoors in the summer and bring in before the first frost.

It will take three to four years before the first bloom.  When it does you will have beautiful white star-shaped, fragrant blooms very similar to jasmine. You will then see your coffee beans begin.  Allow them to ripen and then enjoy your own coffee :-)

Coffea arabica prefers light shade to filtered sunlight.  Once the seeds germinate and your seedlings are ready to transplant you will want to use peat-based potting soil mix. Keep moist in Spring and Summer and water less in Fall and Winter.  Fertilize regularly in Spring and Summer as well.

If you would prefer the full size Coffea Arabica we have that available as well.  It will grow to 6 feet indoors or in warm growing zones where it can grow outdoors year round it will reach 15 feet.  Find it here

How to Grow Coffea arabica from Seed:

We've tried several methods of germinating coffea arabica and after a lot of research this is the most effective method we found:

-The seeds have a protective hard outer shell.  Remove this shell and put seeds in water for about 24-48 hours.  

-Drain seeds and rinse well with hydrogen peroxide and rinse again. Place seeds in water again and keep sealed and in a warm location.  Check every couple of days, rinsing with hydrogen peroxide if needed until germination begins.

-The purpose of the peroxide is to wash away any mold or germs that these seeds are known to have. This will improve your germination rates. If you don't see the peroxide foaming while on the seeds you can do without the peroxide and just keep in a container until germinated.

-Germination usually takes 14-21 days.  Transplant to soil once the taproot reaches about 1/4 inch.  Place seeds with taproot in soil and half the seed sticking out of soil.

-Keep moist after transplanted.  If your seeds dry out they will die.  You can add perlite to the soil for extra moisture retention if you would like.