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100 Plug Spawn
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Laetiporus sulphureus - a.k.a. sulphur shelf, chicken mushroom, chicken fungus.  These mushrooms are said to taste like chicken and can be prepared in substitution for chicken meat in most recipes for a vegetarian diet.

Chicken of the woods grows best on oak and maple trees. When preparing to inoculate the logs you will want to choose freshly cut logs 4-6" in diameter.  100 plugs will cover about 8 feet of log but we suggest using four 2 foot logs for easier handling.

It's best to cut the logs in late fall (after leaves have fallen) until early spring (before buds appear) when the sugar content is the highest.  You can use logs cut any time of year but the yield will greater from logs cut from this time of year.

You can inoculate any time of year but spring is best to get a yield by late fall as the spawn need at least 6 months of warm weather to colonize.

We will include instructions on inoculating the logs with your order.


~These spawn are grown and harvested in the United States at a mushroom farm in Minnesota.

~We would love your recipes!!  We are looking to add favorite recipes from customers to our website.  If you have a favorite mushroom recipe and would like it added to our website please email it to us.  Be sure to include your name,  town and state so we can credit you with the recipe if you would like to be mentioned.