Product Description

If you want butterflies you'll want these growing in your gardens. Enjoy these beautiful flowers and the added benefit of butterflies flocking to your garden.
A collection of our best seeds for bringing butterflies galore to your yard.  Our collection includes 5 packs; one pack of each of the following:
Lemon Balm
A hardy perennial herb with petite white flowers and wonderful lemon fragrance attract butterflies, and you have the added benefit of using the leaves crushed in teas or in salads.
Purple Coneflower
Another hardy perennial herb with long lasting flowers to attract butterflies all summer long into the fall.
Cosmos Sensation Mix
A very easy to grow annual that will bring color and soft foliage to your garden.  Butterflies LOVE this plant.
With flowers resembling daisies and the bright yellow and orange colors these are a must have in the butterfly garden.  These do great in containers as well.
Sweet William Dianthus
With its wonderful fragrance and bright colors this is another must have in any butterfly garden. Enjoy the range of colors from red, pink, white and purple, these blooms will last all summer long.